Challenges We Face

Challenges We Face

Our goal is to have a significant positive influence on the childrens lives that we are privileged to impact. We seek to provide care, hope, a Christian moral compass and life sustaining skills. However, this is not easy and we face a number of challenges.

African governments are struggling and communities are relatively poor, thus orphans are often an afterthought. There is a high increase of orphans due to diseases like HIV/Aids, the most challenging epidemic in Africa.

As a result there are large numbers of orphans who are struggling on a daily basis to survive.

We believe with what we have, we can help some of these children to have a better life and by enabling them, they will also reach back into their communities and help other children like them. This creates a self-sustaining environment which we are hopefully will alleviate these challenges in Africa.


Making the Good Shepherd Centre work requires a lot of commitment and personal sacrifice. The team presented below are responsible for the daily fares of the Good Shepherd Centre and a special mention is necessary for the true heroes, the care givers. These ladies work tirelessly to provide the children with the basics they require and a nurturing environment.

1. Health Based

Amongst other chronic diseases, the children at the Good Shepherd Centre are affected by HIV. Below are a few statistics to show the extent to which HIV is prevalent:

1. Total Number of Zimbabweans with HIV

About 1.3 million Zimbabweans have HIV.

2.Children with Parents who Died With HIV

33% of children at the Good Shepherd Centre have lost a parent to HIV

3.Children Born With HIV

1 in 5 of the children was born with HIV

2. Social Breakdown

All the children at Good Shepherd Centre come from socially dysfunctional backgrounds, where a number of them have also been abused. They need a caring environment to help them deal with their past in a non-destructive way:

1. No safety net for children living in abusive environments

these children we classify as ‘vulnerable’

2. Some of these children

were brought to Good Shepherd Centre’s doorstep as babies with NOTHING

3. Trauma

These children suffer from trauma related conditions and need a long term nurturing environment

3. Economic Hardships And Funding

The country has gone through a prolonged challenging economic period which has affected the viability of Good Shepherd Centre especially the double digit inflationary environment in Zimbabwe. Good Shepherd Centre does not receive any state support and requires significant financial support required to help sustain the daily needs of Good Shepherd Centre:

1. Capacity

The Good Shepherd Centre has capacity for 40 children

2. Teacher Ratio

5 teacher ratio has to be maintained if Good Shepherd Centre is to keep charitable status

3. Private Funding

All funding has been 100% private

US$ 75,000

US$ 75,000 p.a is required to keep the orphanage going

US$ 18,000 P.A

US$ 18,000 p.a will cover schooling for all 40 children including school uniforms